How Marla can assist you in your life!


As a spiritual psychic coach, Marla is able to access information that provides truly unique insight about any aspect of a person’s life... family, health, work, home, relationships and even pets.

As an evidentiary medium, Marla facilitates vivid connections to loved ones; hearing what the deceased have to say, feeling their emotions, and seeing what they want to show us.

Marla refers to “Spirit” as the Holy Spirit and larger consciousness we call God. This is Marla’s divine source of information, inspiration, and guidance.

She often receives information about past events as well as what is happening in the present and the future.

The combination of Marla’s unique skills makes her work transformational and very effective for those seeking guidance.

Innate intuitive skills • Therapeutic studies and life coaching • Consciousness training

• Remote viewing • Law Enforcement • Radio Host • TV and Stage